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Some of Our Amazing Staff


Fun Facts... 

Have you ever wondered how our team at The Studio just know where to look for those knots, those tight or sore muscles that have been a source of aggravation to you.


Each or our therapists are qualified and experienced in their own right, but they also each possess a common unique ability, it's called I.T.A ( Intuitive Touch Awareness).


Commonly referred to as 'magic hands', it's the ability to find physical problems in the human body through touch and intuition.


They then use their massaging experience to fix or alleviate those problems. In all cases, if our team detect a more serious problem while massaging, they will recommend a visit to your G.P or specialist.



John and Thida are proud of the amazing team at The Studio. Each of our experienced therapists possess their own unique skill-set that when combined, has gained them the acknowledgement nationally and internationally of being one of the best massage teams in the business.


Employing up to nine therapists at our busy facility, we'd like to introduce you to just some of these incredible people.

With eleven years of nursing experience, Lyn is the face of The Studio and you'll find her at reception on most days. A huge smile and big heart, Lyn will listen to client's needs, offer advice and introduce them to the massage therapist that will best suit their requirements.

A valuable asset to the team, her personality is gauranteed to win you over every time.



One of our two company directors and an expert therapist in her own right, Thida massaged alone for our first six months before being joined by our other staff members. Her committment to excellence in service endeared her to the Rotorua community and  together with our expanding team, established The Studio as one of the top massage facilities in the country.

Team Manager Julie has been with The Studio since we opened on Eruera Street. An incredible therapist, her 22 years as a qualified nurse coupled with her massage expertise makes her one of the best in the business. This lady knows every button to push in the human body and she is a master of I.T.A (Intuitive Touch Awareness).



Best described as one of the éngine rooms' of our business, Fiona has over 15 years of experience and is expert in sports, therapeutic and remedial massages. From relaxing to deep tissue, Fiona will make sure you enjoy your experience and her amazing smile and sharp humour has clients feeling right at home.

With over 23 years experience, Thai Massage Master Paa is only one of a few therapists in the country qualified to teach Thai massage. A no-nonsense precisionist, Paa's  stretching techniques and technical ability are among the best in the trade. From relaxing to deep tissue massage, this amazing therapist can make young ladies smile and grown men cry.



Belle joined The Studio team with over 20 years of experience in all facets of Thai massage including pregnancy and Hot Stone. She is an expert at the ancient form of Thai massage called Tok Sen and only one of  a few therapists in the country qualified to perform this exacting service. We're lucky to have her here in Rotorua.

You're Invited  -  call into The Studio on Eruera Street anytime and meet the entire Team...

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