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Tok Sen Massage

Tok-Sen is an ancient Thai Massage that involves the use of a special wooden hammer to relax muscles in a rhythmically tapping motion.


Tok means to hit and Sen refers to the energy pathways within the body. This therapy uses a mallet and wedge made of tamarind wood to gently tap along the energy meridians in the body. It produces penetrating vibrations that resonate through the deep layers of tissue and bones. These vibrations relax stiff bodies and provide pain relief. It is a rhythmic massage that is administered with a combination of three consecutive taps and continuous movement along the sen lines to disperse energy.


The Tools

The Tok-Sen tools are made of sacred materials which include tools made of heartwood or tamarind, which are believed to remove negative energy. Traditionally certain rituals are performed while obtaining the wood and during the construction of the tools.


Tok-Sen Treatment: 

* provides pain relief

* improves blood circulation

* removes energy blockages

* helps with nerve problems


It is especially good for people with dense bodies.